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For more than thirty years, the G-Class has remained true to itself: its ingenious and almost stainless base structure has long given it the status of “cult”. At the same time, constant evolutionary interventions ensure a leading position in the off-road segment. A car with constant presence in the hottest areas, in theaters of wars and areas of high danger for personal safety. The Mercedes G-Class has always been chosen by countless armies and international organizations for its personnel in the most dangerous areas.
The basic structure of the car and the chassis are the most robust, reliable and safe produced by the global automotive industry today. It is the car that most absolutely has maximum customization. In addition to televisions, DVD players, internet connection with work desk, mini-bar, ventilated seats with massage, customizable climate, front and rear telephones, fax, the car has safety features at the highest level and some details not present on any other car, even of the same category.

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Dettagli Auto

  • YearYear: 2016
  • EngineEngine: 5461 cc
  • CavalliCavalli: 285
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